Our mares

Adélia DLC

Year of birth: 2016

Predicate: Stb

Height: 154 cm (15.1 hh)

Sire: Wybren 464

Dam’s sire: Tietse 428

Damline: 50

Kinship: 17,0

We purchased Adélia when she was a foal. At her foal keuring, she received a high 2nd prime which indicated her quality at a young age. Adélia is close to human et wants to please. Her gaits are stunning. Despite her small size, she is really athletic which is why we want to develop her into the sport for the moment.

Odyssée de la Chevalerie

Year of birth: 2012

Predicate: Stb (3rd prime)

Height: 168 cm (16,2 hh)

Sire: Sape 381

Dam’s sire: Tsjalke 397

Damline: 43

Kinship: 16,7

I met Odyssée when she was a foal and it is now a joy for me to add her at her in my herd. At the foal keuring, she was rewarded a 1st premium and the title of Reserve Champion against fifteen other fillies! The foals she has giving us so far have a wonderful and independent personality.

Emma út ‘t Westen

Year of birth: 2009

Predicate: Ster (2nd prime)

Height: 157 cm (15,1 hh)

Sire: Maiko 373

Dam’s sire: Abe 346

Damline: 50

Kinship: 17,0

Emma is a full paper mare meaning that she has at least three consultive generations of Ster or best in her damline which she also obtained this predicate. In her case, her damline is almost made exclusively of Ster on more than 10 generations. Her damline is also known as the best in the world because they produced the most approved stallions.